Somethings are just meant to Bee

All Natural. Wildcrafted. Sustainable.

It amazes me how small the world is.  Last week we met with a lady that makes all natural soaps, called Back Creek Soaps.  If you grew up in Beaufort County you can immediately connect to Back Creek.  Mrs. Nel McLawhorn came in to show us her handmade soaps.  As we are asking her about the name, she whispered the word Bath.  We were quick to giggle and say “we’re both from Bath!”  At that moment the relationship with Mrs. Nel and Salt had begun.

Back Creek Soaps are inspired by the Bee.  As avid bee keepers, the McLawhorns use their beeswax in their balms, salves and lip glosses.  Their soaps are 100% natural and formulated to heal.  Opening the doors of Salt, the fragrance of lemongrass and lavender, ginger and clove, rose and spearmint embrace the air around.   Back Creek soaps intend to create soaps that are nourishing for our bodies using all natural products.  They are made in small batches using their kitchen and any open shelf available for curing.

SALT carries the following soaps:

  • Oats & Tea Tree
  • Back Creek Breeze
  • The Dandelion and the Bee
  • Moroccan Mojo
  • Citrus Zest
  • Ebb Tide
  • Triple Ginger
  • Carrot Patch
  • Lavender Dream
  • Face It
  • Full Moon Shampoo
  • Rose Facial Mist
  • Orange or Peppermint Lip Gloss

Be Calm. Be Clean. Naturally!

Back Creek Soaps


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