Tumeric Tea – The Golden Tea

In a world of fast jobs, fast cars and fast food, it’s often that we forget our bodies haven’t changed.  While we know more and more about how our organs function and what makes us tick, one thing remains the same and that is we are the same.  Our bodies are simple.  We require good nutrient food, water, rest and exercise for us to sustain a long life.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed signs of inflammation in my body most commonly showing itself with aching joints.  After visiting arthritis doctors and staying just shy of taking the plunge of medication, I decided to do some things for myself that would and could help.  One of the biggest lifestyle changes has been my diet.  While I still love “the donuts”  I have to put them second to the healthy stuff.

The spice tumeric has been shown to decrease inflammation in the body and has even shown signs to help against cancer.  (Click here for a really informative article about Tumeric)  Wow!  If tumeric can decrease my achy hands then I’m up for the challenge!

In the last six months I’ve transitioned my love for coffee to Tumeric Tea (thanks to a dear client who practices massage therapy and turned me on to the golden drink) .   First and foremost I know that if you cook, boil, strain, or juice it dilutes the content of what you’re trying to consume.   My goal is to intake as much Tumeric as I can so I researched several different ways to make Tumeric Tea and here is what I do.

In a small glass container I mix:

1/4  cup Ground Tumeric
1/4 cup Ground Ginger
1 tsp. Black Pepper

I store the mix in the cupboard next to local honey.

When it’s time to make a cup of tea, I add 1 tablespoon of the dry mix with about 1/2 tablespoon of honey and pour 6-8 ounces of hot water over it.  In about 30 seconds the honey has melted into the water, making it ready to drink!  Because the spices haven’t been drained, I keep a spoon and slowly mix the tea as I drink!  At first the taste was a little abrasive but after the second of third time, I started looking forward to having it with breakfast.

So has this golden drink helped?? Absolutely!  I no longer crave coffee yet still have energy to start my work day.  And best of all…. my hands don’t hurt as much!  I still have days where they ache but they are fewer between and it was mostly likely the result of eating a donut the day before.

Take the challenge!  Try it for a week and see if it helps you too!




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