Smooth Criminal


Prevents ingrown hairs, safer, less expensive than other alternatives, time saver, thins out hair over time, I could go on and on about the benefits of waxing but to me there is only one real reason: shaving sucks!

Not only is shaving my legs the longest process in my shower routine but it is also only good for about the 3 minutes between when I finish and when I step out of the shower and hit those freezing cold bathroom tiles which of course cause me to be flooded with chill bumps and shoot the prickly hairs right back out of my body. All that work for less that five minutes of smoothness. But the sad part is that it’s not only my legs that get the wrath. Forget flawless underarms like in those fancy deodorant commercials. My dark haired roots seem like they can be seen from outer-space making it look like I didn’t even whip out that $19 disposable razor with the fancy pink handle and get that razor burn.

The worst however has to be my bikini. It’s summer which means all those skimpy shorts and bathing suits that ride up are coming out to play. I know we shouldn’t care what boys think of us and our hair lines (Hello, it’s 2016, feminism! Am I right?!?) but for the decency of the entire human race I can’t let it all hangout by the pool. Just because we are strong, independent women doesn’t mean we are uncultured or any less cute.

So, what does all this whining about shaving actually mean you ask? It means waxing is seriously the only way to live your life. Waxing has so many perks but not having to shave in between appointments is my personal favorite. Plus, every part of your body can be waxed, so it’s soft and supple not stubby. Girls, don’t be the Miranda in your group of friends, be the Samantha: turn your bush into a garden and let your friends know when they need to take control too.

As an Esthetician people always ask me, “Does it hurt?” and my response is always the same, “Well I am literally ripping out hair from your body so it isn’t a fun time but is the pain worth the gain in waxing? Always.”. Point of this story to all you ladies, and gents, out there is grab some wine, take a deep breath, ┬áput on your big boy panties and book that wax appointment. Spend less time shaving and more time sipping those cocktails on the beach!





written by: Mary


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