Beach (H)Air

The smell of salt air, two piece bikini, tan lines and sand between my toes are all things I immediately think of when I think about the beach. They are also things I have yet to experience this year. But, one thing I don’t need the beach for is beachy, trendy, relaxed, just out of the salon chic waves. Everyone at Salt has a different way of achieving this look and this is mine:

1. Prep!

Start with blowing out your hair with your favorite volumizing product and heat protectant. This will guarantee your hair last and will lower the casualties of brittle hairs. If you have naturally thick or wavy hair you can always skip this step, but don’t come running back to me when it doesn’t still look catwalk ready in a of couple hours.

2. Curl!

For me, growing up with a mother that is a cosmetologist equals having about 1,200 hair tools within reach at all times. For you, it means that I have tried them all so you don’t have too. So, to achieve these waves stick to the basics: a curling iron or a straightener. You can use whichever you are more comfortable with (the one that you don’t normally burn yourself with) just make sure it is between 1/2 inch and 1 inch wide. Curl the hair starting at the roots and ending at the mid-shaft, leaving out the ends. Curling away from the face will give a more uniformed look while curling different directions will ensure a messy, textured look. Going back to my curly, thick haired girls, to reduced bulkiness straighten the underneath layers and only curl the top layers. For everyone else, curl like Ryan Gosling just told you he likes curly-haired girls.

3. Beach It Up!

Finally, take a flat iron and run it through the some of the mid-shafts and all of the ends. This breaks up the uniformity and relaxes the style. Finish with a beach spray like Davines This Is A Beach Spray, which smells like God just delivered a homemade cake straight from Baby Jesus’ birthday party, or a texture spray for a more untamed, wind-blown look.

Boom. Thee steps and you’re looking like you should be sipping a Pina-Colada  in a beach chair while listening to the waves crash. It may seem a tad hard or complicated but trust me when I say that if a girl like me who hates spending more that 10 minutes on her hair can do it then so can you!


written by: Mary

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