How Sunscreen Works

Almost everyday¬†people ask me, “How does sunscreen work?” “Do I really need to use it?” “How much do I need to use?” “I use tanning oil so doesn’t that count?” “If I don’t have skin cancer by now then do I have to use it?” and guys here are your answers. I stumbled across this video by Business Insider that does a perfect job explaining all the importances of sunscreen.

Business Insider/

And in case you are still curious about it, here are some fun facts about sunscreen:

  • The only FDA approved formulations are the ones that say sunSCREEN, not sun cream or sun protection.
  • A chemical found in sunscreen, oxybenzone, could be killing our reefs. Banana Boat and Coppertone are brands with the highest counts in the ingredients.
  • Big brands are not actually top sellers or “best buys”. According to TIME, Up & Up¬†and Equate¬†brands are the best.
  • Sunscreens should be avoided on babies 6 months and younger.
  • The FDA requires all sunscreens to retain their potency for 3 years.
  • Using sunscreen may decrease the amount of vitamin D your body takes into it’s system.


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