Constellation Claws

I have to admit, I hate painting my nails. It takes a good 20 minutes and it’s ruined in 5. But there is no way I’m going to pay someone $25 every two weeks to do something I am just too lazy to do myself. On most days, I let my chipped polish do it’s thing. It has sadly become my look, not of choice but of lack of energy. However, when I saw this nail look on Pinterest I knew I had to pep up and give it a go. Turns out, it really is quite easy. The trick is that it is suppose to look messy so you can’t really mess up!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • disposable sponge or old beauty blender (one that you don’t mind cutting up)
  • bobby pin
  • nail polishes
    • black
    • purple
    • blue
    • white
    • sparkle top coat
  • vaseline
  • nail polish remover
  • paper towels or cotton balls
  • paper plate

First off, cut your sponge in multiple pieces. If you have a sponge that is not thick or dense then I suggest tearing it as oppose to cutting, this will give you more texture. Once you have done your dirty work, you can start with your nails.

My trick to getting a precise at home paint job is to apply vaseline around the skin on outside of your nails. This will stop any polish from leaking out or transferring to your skin. Next, wipe your nails with polish remover and let dry to guarantee a clean surface.

Considering I am an emo teenager Wednesday Adams wannabe deep in my heart, this step is my favorite part. Paint your nails black. Believe me when I say I was very temped to stop right here and carry on with my Sunday, but for the sake of Salt I proceeded. Once that is mostly dry (aka I was too impatient to wait any longer, and it turned out fine) drip out a small amount of purple and blue polish on your plate. With the sponge, pick up the colors separately and start to dab, and I don’t mean the football move. I found I like my purple and blue, or constellations, more towards the outsides and corners of my nails and varying in sizes but it’s really a personal preference. You can even add pink or yellows to the mix to make it brighter and represent different kind of star clusters. Once you are happy with those colors and it is dry to the touch, you can add some stars. With your bobby pin, dot on white polish wherever your heart desires stars. I found if you dot, drag, and ease off the end it looks similar to a shooting star. Well, as similar as you can get on a pinky nail. Once you’re satisfied with the amount of stars, add your glitter top coat. Mine had tiny silver specks and it looked great against the black and stars without overpowering.

And the worst part commences, waiting for the nails to dry. Take this time to listen to some Amy Winehouse on vinyl, play your favorite mobile game, read all of my blogs over again in case you missed something funny, or I guess you could be productive and check boring emails. Skip forward and finally, the nails are dry. Wipe off any vaseline and wash your hands. You should be left with galaxy nails that make all your Pinterest dreams come true!


written by: Mary

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