Namaste In Bed

When I was diagnosed with anxiety my doctor suggested I try yoga to calm me and I honestly thought it was a joke but at that point I would try anything. Before spending money on a class and embarrassing myself or hating it I tried it out with my handy friend YouTube. I have to admit the first couple of times I really didn’t get the vibe. Was it just hippes telling me to breathe and doing crazy hard moves that required me to be on my head? Finally I realized what everyone who practices yoga knows, it’s not about the moves or how flexible you are, it’s about the mental stillness.

As you focus on your breathing and the state your body is in you decrease blood pressure, heart rate, and stress levels. Your balance and strength are improved while also helping with neck and back pain. If that is not enough, yoga also helps with libido, calms anxieties, treats depression and insomnia, and fights illnesses such as colds and flu.

Try this simple set to get you started as a yogi or just add it to your routine for relaxation and a deeper sleep. I swear by bedtime yoga to calm my mind and break up all the soreness in my muscles. I started with these easy moves and added some of my favorites like legs up the wall and sphinx pose. Yoga is all about what works for you and your body so mix it up and find your center.



written by: mary

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  1. I love reading your blogs!! So real and so true.. I saw myself feeling silly when it came to trying yoga but after this I surely will have to give it a shot! Thanks for your blogs that always start my day off on the right step! ❤️Them!!! #youspeakMylanguageSista #keepemcoming


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