Trick or Treat?

Quiz time: what are two of my all time favorite things? Give up? Halloween and food, obviously. I know what you are thinking, ‘Mary it’s only August’. Uh, yeah which means I have already picked out my multiple costumes and practiced my halloween makeup looks. But this post is something special, it combines those two favorite things into one: food inspired costumes. What could be better?? Here are a few Pinterest inspired looks to get you in the spirit and get those DIY juices flowing.


If you believe in death before decaf or are just a basic white girl:



If you are looking for a snack that will bring you back to childhood:



If you want to make it a family affair:



If Halloween also happens to be your birthday:



If you are a lazy, last minute costumer:



If Ron Swanson is your spirit animal:



If your are more of a Bob’s Burgers fan:



If you want a costume that pops (okay that one was a little predictable):



If all you have is a huge t-shirt, cardboard, and a permanent marker to work with:



If you love a good pun:



If you need a couple extra quarters for the vending machine:



If Food Network is your jam:



There you have it, all my favorite and funniest costumes that bring along a sense of savoriness and sweetness. *insert heart eyes emoji here*


written by: mary


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