Babe Walker: An American Babe

“You’ll love to hate Babe Walker, you’ll also hate to love her. I know, it’s confusing.”          -Sophia Bush


On June 28th, 2016 the world became a better place. Why, you ask? Because Babe Walker released another amazeballs books. Who is Babe Walker you ask? Well if you don’t know then close this tab on the iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac Book, whatever you are reading this on and Google search her. She is the author of three hilariously unfiltered books White Girl Problems, Psychos, and American Babe, she has her on line of wine: White Girl Rose`, and runs a twitter account heard around the world. Aka she is an icon, a mogul, a role model for 20 somethings that wish they had an exciting LA life. She is my spirit animal.


Let’s begin by me telling you that this is definitely an adult book. Do not read if you are under the age of 18 or do not like the word C U Next Tuesday. The glorious thing about American Babe is that you definitely do not have to read her two prior books to appreciate it, although I suggest it because they are just as funny. Well White Girl Problems is, Psychos kinda disappointed since I had such high hopes, but let’s get back to American Babe. It starts off as any good LA day should, Babe is about to jump off a cliff by the Hollywood sign. But not like kill herself jump, like dressed in a squirrel suit and land in a yoga studio jump (Tom Cruise does it, it’s all the rage). After being hospitalized and a little pressured from her step-mom she signs up to meet her distant mother’s side of the family in Maryland. One first class plane ride, a couple Xanies, and gin and tonic and she arrives to meet her two cousins. One, a preteen girl Cara, who, in Babe’s eyes, is a moody, horrible dressing miscreant. And my favorite character, Knox. So much my favorite I’m contemplating naming my future girl Knox. I’m super into boy’s names for girls right now. But, I’m not prego nor plan to be anytime soon, so back to the book. Knox is a 10 year old who is basically a gay queen who can cook. Literal perfection. Obvi Babe connects with him because he is v chic. The story follows Babe’s adventures in suburbia and we watch her learn that loving someone on a new level is the most rewarding experience that she has had to date, other than being super skinny.


Just like the books before, American Babe is unapologetic, unfiltered, hilarious, and reminds us that just because our problems aren’t life threatening they are still real. For instance, this morning I was really craving a Passion Tea Lemonade from Starbucks because they only had limited menus at the kiosks on my vacation this weekend and after I waited for 15 minutes in the drive thru lane they told me they were out of Passion Tea. It was no flood in Louisiana but I was honestly devastated. And Babe reminds us that it’s okay to want a Passion Tea and punch your sterling wheel when they are out. Let me live. Go out and get yourself a copy of American Babe and thank me later. It is such an easy read and I promise you that you will not want to put it down. I give it all the stars.


written by: mary

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