This New Way of Getting Rid of Bikini Bumps May Just Surprise You

Homemade face masks, charcoal toothpaste, Listerine foot baths, coconut oil hair treatments, there is about no beauty trend too weird for me to try, except maybe this one. Dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD, suggest putting a sheet mask on your vulva to prevent ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and to smooth skin.

When I first came across this bizarre trend I honestly thought it may be a joke. Who even comes up with the idea to put a face mask on down there?? Well, a lot of people apparently. After 20 minutes the skin is “smooth, baby soft, and ideally free from any irritation.” This sounds great and all but before you dive in here are some things to think about from my Esthetics point of view.

  1. Wait at least 8 hours after waxing to apply a mask. The pores are “open” and need to be settled back to normal before anything can be applied.
  2. Stick to sensitive masks that have calming ingredients such as aloe, rose, and chamomile. Stay away from anything that has acids of any kind or any mask targeted for acne.
  3. Make sure the ingredients in the mask are only coming in contact with your skin. Focus on your bikini line. Any extra products inside can throw off the self cleaning agreement your vagina and your body have going on.
  4. Try the mask on your face first. Most sheet masks are targeted towards hydration and luminosity so they are normally pretty calm but if your skin on yoursheetmask face has any reaction you can almost guarantee the sensitive skin on the vulva will too.

If you are brave or maybe just looking to spice up your beauty routine, try it out and let me know your experience. I however may just stick to channelling Chrissy Tegan and taking Snapchat selfies with a sheet mask worn normally, aka looking like I belong in a horror film.



written by: mary

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