Too Busy For a Beauty Treatment? Try These 3 Tips

Who doesn’t love a little beauty treatment? I try my hardest to slow down once in a while and pamper myself, but these days some of us don’t even have 10 minutes to spare. This world is so face paced and expects us to keep up while looking our best. So, here are 3 easy ways to keep those strands shiny and dark spots at bay when we just can not catch a break.



Use a hydrating mask on your hair while you sleep. Killing two birds with one stone is every 21st century working girl’s dream. Davines’ NOUNOU hair mask is formulated with tomato extract to help heal brittle hair. If you have those summer highlights or just have forgotten to get your last 4 hair trims for fear of cutting any off this mask is your new best friend!




Ever been bored on an airplane? Actually, don’t answer that because I know the answer is yes. Ever come off an airplane with dry, dull skin? Again, yes. Next time you book a flight throw a face mask in your carry on. Preferably clear, a hydrating face mask will protect your skin from the recycled air while prepping it for that dinner your scheduled to be at an hour after you check into the hotel. My favorite is Glam Glow Thirsty Mud. No one will even notice you have it on so it’ll be our little secret.




We think of washing our faces as just another thing to check off on the list of “Things to do When Getting Ready for Bed”. But, what if I told you that washing your face could be much more than a chore. Add about 10 drops of pure lavender oil to your favorite face soap or cleansing oil and shake to mix. When applied, the lavender helps reduce scarring, pigmentation, and age spots. It also smells like you are hanging out in a spa which is a nice escape. Besides smelling amazing and putting a smile on your face, the scent triggers your brain to relax which slows down your heart rate. Any frustrations are put on the back burner and you are automatically less frantic. Pretty impressiveĀ for just a oil.


written by: mary

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