11 Items to Never Forget While Traveling

Prepping for my trip to Arizona this week I have found that I have extra anxiety about travel. Some of it comes from the what if factors, others from the idea of an entirely new state where I know nothing about, but most of that anxiety comes from packing. So to ease my shakes and calm my spirits I turned to Zach. Zachary Leo is not only a successful blogger but also a flight attendant. From the obvious to the surprises, here are his 11 must haves for flights.
1. Cords wrapped up and stored away

Whether you invest in Cord Tacos or just use the tiny bags you get when you purchase jewelry, Zach claims this saved his cords and his blood pressure. By separating and securing your many cords you take away the hassle of tangles and never being able to find a specific cord in your jumbled bag when you really need it.

2. Literature 

Reading is cool guys, don’t let anyone ever tell you differently. I love to read. I would much rather stay home and read than party these days and long haul flights are just an extra excuse to get in between those pages. I personally hate reading on a screen because I like to feel the book, see the book, and my favorite, smell the book. Paperbacks are always handy for flights because they pack up easily and don’t add too much extra weight.

3. Picture Taker

Unlike Zachary who brings a plethora of cameras on each trip, I usually stick to my iPhone 6. The new cameras are killer if you know some tricks and tips. Look up a quick tutorial before you jet off, you won’t regret it. If I am traveling somewhere that is on my bucket list or a spot I don’t think I will ever venture to again I like to bring a real camera. This way if I get a good shot I can blow it up and frame it. Plus I don’t have to Spend time trying to get the shot perfect because these cameras pretty much do the work for you. I use the Canon PowerShot SX510 HS and love it.

4. Phone/Tablet/Technology

This one is pretty obvious. Sometimes however it is so obvious that people seem to forget them more often than one would think. According to Zachary he, his coworkers, and plenty of passengers have been stuck on flights up to 10 hours without any kind of tech help. Ouch.

5. Snacks

Most airlines will give out free snacks and drinks. But on a long flight a tiny bag of peanuts and a shot glass sized coke is just not enough. Airport food is not cheap. Pack your own prepackaged snacks that you enjoy and know will keep you full. Trail mix, cashews, and Kind bars are my go-to picks. Also, throw an empty reusable water bottle in your bag and fill it up after TSA check. And if you ask nicely the flight attendants will refill it whenever you need.

6. Portable Phone Charger

New planes have USB chargers on the seats and are bomb. But if you are using an older model or have bad luck and a broken charging station at your seat these are a life saver. They range from $5-$50 and come in about every color and pattern.


After countless flights, TOMS have been deemed the best travel shoes. They are durable, lightweight, and can fold flat to fit in the pesky outer pocket of your carry on bag. They are easy to slide on and off through security and to run to the restroom.

8. A Big Warm Sweater

No matter where you are landing, the recycled air on flights are always cold. Not all airlines provide blankets and even if they do they are tiny, thin, and sometimes reused. No thanks. 

9. Notebook and Writing Utensil 

Just like capturing a moment on film, catch the moment on paper. Write down all your experiences and feelings in a journal so you can look back years later and not forget any details. 

10. Hand Sanitizer 

Even if it’s down on this list it is #1 on mine. Planes and people are pretty gross. Along with the recycles air, planes never really get throughly cleaned and people are always sick around you. The one time I didn’t douse myself in sanitizer on a flight I ended up with Strep. One more thing to remember, make sure when you are picking a hand sanitizer that is is small and compact and also doesn’t have a strong smell. Planes are small and you don’t want to be That Person who is giving everyone a headache. 

11. Chocolate

From a flight attendant, it’s always nice to be thanked and acknowledged. And want better way than to say it with chocolate. You will get karma for being nice and they like/look after those nice people. Plus, it’s an extra treat for you.

written by: mary

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