Move Over Pumpkin Spice, Banana Is The New Fall Fav

Thanks to the Brooklyn based coffee shop, J+B Design and Cafe, you now have a new fall obsession: Banana Milk Iced Coffee.


The coffee shop started brewing the coffee about a year ago and in came the praises. The “milky and sweet” concoction is described as tasting like something similar to a milkshake but better by the manager. What could be better?? The banana flavor does not specifically shine through, it just balances out the coffee’s acidity better than regular milk or cream to add richness and sweetness.


According to the site Eater, “Tashiro blends an entire, very ripe banana with a scant cup of milk and a bit of simple syrup until the texture of the banana is no longer discernible.”. The final product is poured over strong, New Orleans coffee, and boom, banana milk coffee is born.


Considering we don’t live in Brooklyn (unfortunately), you can make your own at home. Simple syrup is easily made, just one part sugar and one part water boiled until clear and mixed, or can be purchased at your local grocery store. Add a banana and milk and blend, finish off with your  favorite coffee from your quick Keurig and you’re living your best hipster life.


written by: mary

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