It’s Fall, Y’all!

Everyone who hates pumpkin pies, scarecrows, firewood, Thanksgiving, and everything worth living for in fall should probably walk away from this post right now. Now to the ones who started planning your Halloween costume on New Years Day, this post is to remind you that is it officially the first day of Autumn and you need no other excuse to justify the sweater you are wearing. Here are some of the best things to do in fall in Greenville, NC!


Stock up on Sudafed

Thanks to North Carolina for always promising a sick season. But just like the leaves fall and die so will our colds. Don’t let the sniffles get you down. Sudafed, Benadryl, cough drops, and Motrin are all in my purse and help me get through the day so i can focus on the season and not sinus headaches.


Pick a Pumpkin on Firetower

On the way home from your stellar facial at Salt (shameless plug, sorry I had to) stop by the pumpkin patch on the corner of Arlington and Firetower. They always have the cutest, freshest pumpkins and even cuter couples making me wish I had a boyfriend to do sweet stuff with. Paint them, carve them, eat them, whatever you do with your pumpkins make sure you make the picking experience just as fun.


Try the New Restaurants

Fire American Tavern on 5th Street and Totopas on Evans Street both opened this week! Fire replaced Fitzgerald’s and hopefully will not have as much bad luck. I love love loved Pirate’s Den and have such high hopes that something will inherit that building and give me the same atmosphere, good drinks, great service, and fun patrons. Also, for my fellow tequila lovers they have half price margaritas on Tuesdays. You’re welcome. Speaking of tequila, Topopas is in the old University Chophouse building across from Ulta and specialize in Mexican street food. What I am most excited about is the fact the offer tequila flights, yes, TEQUILA FLIGHTS on their menu. What more could I want in a new restaurant?



Attend at Least One Tailgate

I attended Meredith for my first year of college and got to go to plenty of State games. Then I came to Greenville and realized what a tailgate is really suppose to be. When I hear tailgate, that is exactly what I imagine: people hanging out on a tailgate of a car. Thanks to the plethora of parking lots by the stadium that is exactly what an ECU tailgate is plus food, drinks, music, and tons of school spirit. Make sure you wear purple, gold, or black or be prepared to be hated on all day long. Even if you did not attend the college, if you live here you are an honorary pirate so grab a koozie and head to the SPC lot!


Freeboot Fridays

Keeping on the football theme, the Friday before the Saturday home games ECU and the town put on Freeboot Fridays. It goes down in the 5 points parking lot on the corner of Evans and 5th Street. There are a ton of Pirate pride, excitement, and free stuff (hence the name). You can drink and get pumped for the game with your friends. Exactly what you need to be doing on a Friday after work.




Eat at The Scullery

Two words: Pumpkin Pancakes. The Scullery is a Greenville staple and it gets even better in the fall. They change their menu seasonally and to me, the fall is the best one. I coud eat those pumpkin pancakes every single morning. Add a caramello topped off with foam art and my heart will melt faster than that butter on the fresh cakes. They not only change their breakfast and lunch menu but also their desserts. Yes it is chilly, but with ice cream flavors that good you just throw on a scarf and suffer through.


Head to the Park

Greenville Parks and Rec Department is seriously on top of their game. They offer activities for children and youth up to adults and the elderly. With so many parks and bike trails there is always something going on. Check out the fall and winter guide to pick your poison.


There are so many more ways to stay busy this fall in Greenville but these are just some of my absolute must that you should put on your bucket list. Also, if you get to go to Totopas before me let me know how the flight is because I’m expecting it to be everythingggg!


written by: mary



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