Lose the Loofah?

Fun fact: I am kind of OCD. And when I say kind of I actually mean I carry two different kinds of hand sanitizer in my purse and don’t touch most people on a regular because I hate my person bubble being popped. So, when it comes to my bathroom staying clean I am on top of it. We (hopefully) all use toilet cleaner and wipe down the old toothpaste from the sink that didn’t make it onto the toothbrush but have you ever thought about those pesky germs on the objects we don’t normally clean. Enter: the loofah. Sorry to all you ladies out there, but it may be time to toss the pouf that is currently hanging in your shower.

Any germaphobic like me knows that objects that live in a damp, dark environment are the best host for bacteria. And a loofah is exactly that. The time length between showers are normally not enough time for the sponge to completely dry, causing it to retain moisture for long periods of time. Add on a dark corner of the shower and the germs are in heaven. The Journal of Clinical Microbiology wrote an article and quoted,”As a natural product, however, loofah sponges play host to a variety of bacterial species.”.

Although loofahs can be pretty gross they are also pretty great. Those sponges are specially designed to help scrub off dead skin cells and debris from the body. They help with smoothing the skin and make a great light exfoliant. So, don’t chunk your loofah quite yet. As an Esthetician I am all about tools that make it easier to keep our skin looking younger and healthier and I think loofahs are definitely in that category. Here are some steps to ensure you are keeping the greatness without keeping the germs.

  1. Make sure you let your loofah completely dry between uses in a well lit, dry area. Aka don’t hang it right back up in the shower.
  2. Rinse them well after you finish washing your body. Make sure all the soap is out and no suds are present.
  3. Step away from the loofahs that have small shapes made out of sponge inside them. You are not 4, you do not need a toy to play with. Plus this is just extra space to harvest bacteria.
  4. Repurchase your shower sponge about every 3-4 months. My favorite is The Body Shop Lilly Sponge. It’s cheap and last super long. Plus it makes the best bubbles, and that is very important in life.
  5. Lastly, for the love of sweet baby Jesus and myself if I ever come to your house, please throw away your loofah if it has any odor, mold, or is older that 6 months.


written by: mary

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