3 Makeup Mistakes You Are Making

I watch YouTube more than any average person, probably more than any person should, and I have learned so much about my craft (makeup and skincare) from it. We should always take advantage of the free entertainment/learning opportunities that come with the internet and more importantly YouTube. We also have to realize not all of these videos are from professionals and should take them with a grain of salt, taking the information and finding the trueness in it. I have finally found a video that puts this into words. 3 Makeup Mistakes You Are Making by Glam&Gore is perfection.


After hours and hours of viewing, finding artist I love and artist I hate, tutorials I watched over and over and ones I think are the scariest/worst information on the world wide web I stumbled across this  gangster of an artist, Mykie. On the YouTube street she goes by Glam&Gore. She is legit a Swiss Armory Knife of beauty, posting makeup, glamour, special effects, industry advice, product knowledge, and so much more. She has worn NYX Face Awards and had Snapchat filters inspired by her work so you could say she knows what she is doing. Check her out and watch in astonishment.


written by: mary

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