Rose Water: The Best Liquid On The Beauty Market

Goodbye regular old H20, goodbye coconut water, hello rosewater. Made with rose essential oils, this miracle liquid not only smells amazing but is also affordable. One of my favorites is the one we sell at Salt Beauty and Wellness from Back Creek Soaps but there are so many on the market these days. Here are my top 9 reasons for tossing a bottle in your shopping cart.



  1. Toner; With all the harsh toners on the market, rosewater takes it up a notch on subtleness with all the same effectiveness at fighting redness and discoloration. Prep your skin for moisturizers  with this spray and balance pH at the same time.

  2. Add Hydration; We all get dry skin at some point in the cold winter days but spitz this onto skin through the day to keep makeup looking good and skin refreshed.

  3. Scent; All the natural oils come out with every spray and opening of a bottle of rosewater. What more could you ask for to put you in a good mood and make your crush swoon.

  4. Acne Care; Rosewater and rosehip oils have antibacterial properties that help fight pimples and blackheads combating the bad bacteria on your face.

  5. Rosacea Reducer; With nothing too harsh to upset your skin, rosacea sufferers can swipe on rosewater to decrease redness without the fear of upsetting sensitive skin.

  6. Eye Mask; If I haven’t said it enough, rosewater is great at combating redness and discoloration. Simply soak a cotton pad in the liquid gold and apply onto eyes for a simple quick fix of puffiness and discoloration.

  7. Makeup Setter; After setting powders, bronzer, blush, and shadows, our faces can look a little cakey. A quick spray of rosewater will break up the powders just enough to help them sink into the skin and look natural again.

  8. Hair Rinse; After shampooing and conditioning follow up with a final rinse of rosewater or add it to the shampoo and be astonished that your hair could be that shiny.

  9. Bath Addition; Smelling like roses is my all time dream so filling up a bathtub and adding rosewater is the exact way I achieve this dream. Not only will the scent last long on your skin but the scent will keep your mind clear and anxiety free.


written by: mary

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