Need To Book A Cheap Flight? Here’s How!

7 am: Wake Up

930 am: Leave for work

1 pm: Lunch

3 pm: Afternoon pick me up of coffee or Mountain Dew

730 pm: Eat Supper

11 pm: Bedtime

… and repeat.


So, you have decided you have had enough of the same old routine and are ready to book a flight out of here. But before you rush into taking just any flight, take my advice (and some more qualified companies) before charging your Visa Card.


First things first, open your flightttoptions. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, or in this case airport or specific date, maybe even a certain destination. By having multiple options for flying your choices for cheap flights open up. Put your convince on the back- burner and watch how much less cash flow comes out of your wallet.

Secondly, know when to book. According to Expedia Sunday is the best day to book your flight. This comes from the fact that most of the Americans flying these days are in the air for business, not pleasure. Corporations and companies buy flights at the end of the business week right before closing out the week, aka airlines bump up their prices and then lower them back down at the beginning of the week. If you must book on a later weekday try staying up and booking after midnight. Flights are the cheapest at the start of the day.

Lastly, clear your browser history. When doing your research it is always helpful to check multiple website, companies, and booking agents. But y’all, it’s 2017 and your computer/smartphone/tablet/whatever you are using can read your mind. Okay, not really but it can see your recent history and change the prices accordingly. After going through all your websites to find a good deal, clear your history and then buy your flight. The more sites you visit before clearing your history the more expensive your flights will be.

Whether it’s because you are tying to live up to your resolution to travel more or just stop from getting cooped up in the office, hopefully with these tips you can save money on flights and spend more on the adventures.


written by: mary



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