Pottery That Delights

Brene Brown once said, “Creativity is how I share my soul with the world”. He must have been referring to Erika Gibson when he spoke those words. With every ounce of pottery she brings into our shop, I can feel a little piece of her heart tag along with it.



Erika Grew resides in Eastern North Carolina and grew up in an artistic family which inspired her to head to East Carolina and get her fine arts degree. In 2012 she discovered her love of pottery from an impromptu lesson and since then has been making products that she hopes inspires others to create. As she says, “There seems to be this notion that only people with a formal education can say or do or make things that are worth our time. Creativity isn’t magically bestowed with the diploma as you walk across the stage, it’s learned as you make and fail and make again. Creativity isn’t a trait that you either have or don’t, it’s a muscle. It needs to be stretched, pushed, and challenged. Creativity is in all of us, in different ways, and embracing that is one of the most satisfying things you can do.”



All her pottery is top shelf dishwasher safe, microwave and oven safe (if you put it in cool and preheat with the product inside). From ring holders to mugs to vases, Erika makes a collection of things to make you smile, even making custom made pieces. Available at Salt, all her pieces ooze creativity and modern aesthetic. Make sure to hashtag #erikagibsonceramics when you share your love for her and your products on social media!



written by: mary

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