Good Vibes Only


Am I a witch? No. Did I watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch every Saturday morning, pretend to cast her spells on my brother, and still to this day have the soundtrack on my iTunes? Yes. I may not have been blessed with the ability to attend Hogwarts, have a grandmother who is the coolest witch in Halloweentown, or have 3 kick-ass red-headed sisters that I fight demons with but I can use these witch approved ways to cast out negativity. Negativity can come from other people, objects, the universe, and even yourself. Cleansing is all personal but don’t knock anything till you try lamp.jpg

Salt lamps are sick. They look pretty AND so good at combating negative vibes. They are made of Halite which is a purifying stone. Helpful in balancing mood swings and calming minds, this simple lamp is just what you need for personal rejuvenation. Pick one up at Salt (not named for the lamp) and see what all the fuss is about for yourself.


You may think only hippies burn sage but scientist have actually found healing ingredients in sage. From headaches to cold and flu symptoms sage is a top go-to for natural doctors. It is also a top suggestion from therapist when it comes to battling depression and bipolar disorder. Many people boil water, add sage to soak, and drink as tea but if you are like me and are one of the pickiest eaters/drinkers on planet earth then you can burn it all around your house. Look up smudging 101 for more info.

necklace.jpgFashion statement and positivity releaser in one. Crystals are know for so many different things depending on the gem, but most radiate positivity. You can always select your personal crystal by the descriptions but I am a firm believer in choosing the one that calls to you. In wearing, or carrying, the stone you are constantly reminded to think positively and keep calm. You can get crystals online or stop by Crystal Collection if you need a little more help.

Lastly, always remember to radiate your own positive vibes. We all have shitty days but karma is the biggest bitch of them all and will come back to bite you. Put out in the world what you want to get back. Positive mind. Positive vibes. Positive life.


written by: mary

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