Davines for Days


Okay, how many brands do you know with that much love for the earth we live on while also rocking out stellar products? Davines’ style is a reflection of our curiosity and openness to the world – different cultures, customs, and people that truly inspire us – and Italian perspective of history and art, design and fashion, culture and lifestyle. They love things that reflect simplicity and harmony because their beauty is always modern. And although Davines is in tune with today’s mood, they set out to create concepts and products that are destined to become classics with their timeless appeal.

My favorite line is the Your Hair Assistant line. It has won the Elle Green Award, makes styling effortless, and looks pretty sitting on your bathroom counter.


Okay, so the Volume Creator isn’t the first of it’s kind but it does take the best aspects of the others and put them into this one product. Volume Creator is a texturizing powder made from 50 percent bamboo powder and 50 percent coconut powder. It creates texture and volume without any grit and gives hair a matte finish. And y’all, please just listen to how the creator was inspired for this product: “The inspiration for the product comes from my childhood. I remember a classmate of mine who used to work as a carpenter before and after school, and had wood dust residue in his hair: it created a matte, voluminous effect…[and] this is where the idea comes from.”. So insanely cool and creative! It never dries your hair out or causes tangling. I can run my hands through my hair without feeling like there’s anything in it. It still styles well the next day, which is important if you, like me, never wash your hair. Clearly, I have a low-key obsession with this product.



In terms of texture and separation, the Definition Mist is like a lighter, shinier version of the Bumble & Bumble spray balm if you are familiar with that product line. It’s less sticky but still gives hair a bit of grip so you can mess it up, making it look tousled and undone. It hits strands with a nice shine without weighing them down or making them look wet or oily. It doesn’t leave any residue, either.



Remember when I said this line won an Elle Green Award? Well, this is the winner ladies and gents. It claims to provide heat and humidity defense, provide texture, enhance the natural shine of hair, and reduce blowdrying time. And let me tell you it does all that. I have the thickest, frizziest hair of all time and this stuff cuts my blow-dry time in half while also taming my frizzies. AKA top product of the line in my eyes, and everyone else’s  online.


Your Hair Assistant is available at Salt Beauty and Wellness but it sells out hella quick so make sure to snag it while we have them in stock!


written by: mary

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