32 Thoughts Of Getting A Brazilian Wax



  1. No more ingrowns and no shaving in between appointments? Sign me up!66089855

  2. I’m pumped, but also a little scared. Make that very scared. *keeps chanting “it’s worth it” in head*

  3. Im undressing in a room that isn’t my bedroom. Okay, really really scared. Maybe I should have taken that glass of wine she offered me.

  4. I can do this. It’s not child birth or war, women do this all the time.

  5. I got this.

  6. Wow, this room is so clean. I wonder what cleaning agent she uses.

  7. Okay, here she comes. Just breathe.

  8. I wonder if she gets waxed, or if she waxes herself. That would take some serious skill! (FYI I do, and I do wax myself, and I do have skills -Mary)

  9. Damn, her brows are on point. Okay, this is a good sign.

  10. Wait, do I want a landing strip? I said no but OMG THE PRESSURE!

  11. Is she as weirded out asking me about my pubes as I am about her asking about them?

  12. Oh that’s warm, almost comforting.

  13. Breathe, breathe, breathe…

  14. $^$%@#$^@#$^#@$%


  16. Can I quit? Will she judge me? Is that an option? I’m going to just run. tumblr_lrx9smtcpz1r2sfego1_500.gif

  17. #$^#$^@#$%#@$^

  18. Focus, just focus on rainbows and fairies and tequila.

  19. $#^#$^@^@#

  20. @#!@#$*&(&^

  21. I need a shot.

  22. Wait, why is this wax getting hard? I am so confused

  23. #$^#$^

  24. And now I’m turning over, baby Jesus this is going to hurt.

  25. Okay, not that bad. Wait, am I just numb to all pain now?

  26. Oh, it’s over? OMG IT’S OVER!

  27. This oil and aloe is something I could get used to. Yes girl, slather it on.

  28. OMG I am sooooo smooth!

  29. Take my money, take it all. You get a tip, you get a tip, everyone gets a tip!gallery-1438699659-hduff.gif

  30. This was so worth it!

  31. Sign me up for 4 weeks, I can’t wait!

  32. *gets notification of upcoming wax* Oh gosh, here we go again…


written by: mary

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