Skin Care And The City

Lets start by agreeing that we are friends. I mean we aren’t exactly besties or BFF status but definitely more than acquaintances since I’ve shared a plenty of personal information about myself that you have read on this blog. So, as my friend I’m asking you to do me a solid: pick up an issue of City Flare Mag, skim through, and read my articles. I understand that you are busy but friends support each other!  For all of you who are doubting our friendship or have never heard of City Flare in your, here is my latest article. Keep reading to find out how pollution harms your skin and what you can do to help!


We all know what danger environmental pollution is to the world around us, but have you ever considered how much that pollution affects your skin? A whopping 90% of visible aging is caused by a mix of sun exposure and environmental pollution! Living in a rural area like ours may cause you to think we don’t need to worry, but according to The World Health Organization 92% of the world breathe in and live in an area where air quality fails to meet their guidelines for safety.
Fresh skin is on all of our checklists for beauty so let’s dig deep and find out what pollution does to counteract that and what we can do to prevent it! Everything from car fumes, greenhouse gases, and smog hit our skin every time we step outside our doors while all the dangers lurking inside our homes such as creosote from stove tops and fireplaces and chemicals from cleaning products attack us when we don’t even realize. Skin cells are teeny tiny but pollutant air particles are 20 times smaller, aka easy trapped inside our skin if 111.jpgpores are open and vulnerable. Immediate affects include dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles, skin rashes, acne, discoloration, dryness, and the depletion of antioxidants, not to mention in the long term our skin’s fight against serious skin conditions, such as rosacea and psoriasis, suffers drastically and can cause irreversible damage. With skin being a primary site of absorption for pollutant matter we must take all the precautions to keep out skin looking baby fresh. 
Now that we understand how pollution and our skin works against each other we can focus on how to prevent aging and fight the never ending fight. Cleansing your face should be a basic necessity in your beauty routine but with pollution lurking inside our pores, we should bump it up a notch. Always cleanse your face before bed to remove any particles that may have weaseled their way into your pores during the day. Clarisonic and Foreo cleaning brushes are good to break out once to twice a week to deep clean and detoxify. If you want to take it a step further, add a detoxing or charcoal based mask to your weekly pamper session. If you are feeling extra clogged up, book a facial for a deep clean and extraction session. To help stop pollutants from getting into your pores, every morning apply a moisturizer that includes antioxidants which will help fight off those free radicals. The lightweight moisture will also help keep your skin plump and bright. Top that off with a broad spectrum sunscreen to create a barrier for both sun and pollution. Skincare is not the only thing that will help though! Incorporate plenty of green tea into your diet which includes tons of antioxidants. Using humidifiers, essential oil diffusers, ionizers, and more natural cleaning supplies around the house will also help skin feel better and show less signs of aging. 
Pollution is all around us and there seems to be no way around it but healthy skin a good barrier. We may not be able to stop pollution, at least not yet, but we can prepare our skin and protect it. 
written by: mary

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