#tbt The 90s Hair And Makeup We Miss

Beanie Babies, Tamagotchis, Hit Clips, Hey Arnold, Britney’s first album, All That, Skip-Its, Backstreet Boys, Rugrats, Moon Shoes, Lisa Frank, 3D Doritos. Feeling nostalgic yet? Considering I grew up in the 90’s it is by far my favorite decade. Some people always talk about how they wish they were born in the 20’s or belong in a time when there was Woodstock but not me, I’m a 90’s girl through and through. From Disney Channel Original Movies to Sega Genesis, I love the 90’s and everything associated. Last year I went to a 90’s bar crawl and it was, well, magical.


The 90’s are back and in full force these days. The styles that inspired me in childhood are not however. Forget the chokers and bring back the butterfly clips. Here are some of the best of the best hair and makeup trends that were all that and a bag of chips.



Glossy/ Metallic Lips 

Thanks to Lip Smackers and Urban Decay for the tools to achieve this look. Yes, your hair may get stuck in the gloss and it may be stickier than a lollipop but thats half the fun. These days glossy eyelids are in style but y’all, BRING BACK THE GLOSS! I try to squeeze as much gloss onto my makeup clients as possible and forget about the amount of baby pink gloss in my purse. I blame it on my obsession on Baby Spice.


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Hair Flips

Growing up I got to experiment with my hair a lot since my mom is a cosmetologist. From crimped to cornrows I did it all. My favorite, still to this day though, is that hair flip. I recreated this for my bar crawl and forgot how much I loved the look. Straight hair with that little outwards flip was cooler than my Betty Spaghetti doll. Add in your favorite top from the Mary Kate and Ashley Collection from Walmart and you were automatically the coolest girl in middle school.



Brown Lips

You know brown lipstick was a staple of the decade when Urban Decay names their brown lipstick 1993. It looks good on every skin tone and works with any makeup look. To achieve this look now try a liquid lip in Caramello by Stilla or pick up Urban Decay’s 1993 for a satin finish lip color. If you like a gloss head to Ulta and pick up a NYX Butter Gloss Praline or Ginger Snap.



Wacky/ Messy Updos

When I imagined going to prom I always imagined wearing my hair like Cher in Clueless. She looked so effortlessly cool in her updo. The way these stars could look like they spent 10 minutes just throwing up their hair and walk out the door still looking chic amazed me. Today the closest thing we have is a messy bun, but I say lets mess it up even more. Hang some pieces down around your ears, spray that texture spray, and lets get crazy.



Girl Next Door Beauty

All hail queen Britney. She want (still is) my main girl. There is no denying that she set the standard for girl next door beauty. A fresh, clean, youthful look was her signature in the 90’s and every girl wanted to encapsulate just that. Before the days of Instagram makeup and YouTube tutorials there was just a dab of blush, Great Lash mascara, metallic eye shadow, and a spritz of Baby Soft for that baby powder fresh scent. Maybe it is just me but I wish teens would go back to this look instead of loading on the layers.




Looking around I never really see bangs anymore and that needs to change. Not only are they an easy way to amp up your hair style and hide a bigger forehead but they are so, so easy. One quick round brush through them during drying and they are good to go all week, with the help of a good dry shampoo at least. Any age can pull them off and almost any hair type. The list goes on, but at the end of the day bangs need to be a staple not a trend.




Right after Princess Leia came 90’s pigtails and everyone jumped on the bandwagon. Back to my obsession with Baby Spice I wore pigtails and platform sneakers to school every day. I don’t know if I was actually the coolest girl in my class but damn if I did’t think it when I looked like my girl Emma. Attention teenagers: stop rocking the space buns every time you put up your hair and start accepting the pigtails.



written by: mary



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