This Trendy Product Had A Waitlist of 50,000


Flash back to 2001 and imagine a 9 year old, tackily dressed in a Limited Too outfit, Mary inside of Claire’s begging my mother to buy me a tub of body glitter so I can be like Britney and Madonna. 16 years later and I’m trying to decide if body glitter is worth part of my paycheck at 25 even if it is the hottest beauty trend right now.


Thanks to millennials everywhere, body glitter is back and the brand Frank is killing the game, and when I say killing I mean throwing grenades into other companies because they are top tier. The insta-famous brand known for their coffee body scrub line dropped a glitter scrub on May 1st. The scrub was in such high demand that there was a 50,000 person wait list. I haven’t ordered the scrub yet but from my research it seems pretty legit. You apply just like a normal body scrub, hopefully in the shower for easy cleanup, rinse off, and are left with glowy skin. Once you dry off (pat, don’t wipe for best results) your body will be shimmery more than straight glittery. This is because the glitter particles are so small so they do not look like a chunky mess. Not to mention you’ll have baby soft skin. Don’t worry, you won’t look like a hungover unicorn that just got back from Cochella. And if all of this doesn’t live up to your expectations you can always just display the bag because it is that pretty.


Now if you do not want to wait 5-10 business days to receive your scrub in the mail, there are always alternative methods. There are tons of lotions that have shimmer in them, Victoria’s Secret being my favorite. Jergen’s also has a pretty good one too which also adds a small amount of color to the skin. Makeup brands have jumped onto the bandwagon and have dope glitters on the market. You can apply these straight to the skin or add it into your favorite body scrub. Whatever way you choose, make sure you try this trend. And if you are wondering if millennials are taking over, the answer is yes. Sorry, not sorry. All hair the 80’s and 90’s babies.


written by: mary

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