Profanity Helps In More Ways Than One, Including Opening That Swear Jar

Here’s to all the kids who were punished for yelling a cuss word while you get beat up by getting soap in your mouth like a little Ralphie or detention for “accidentally” calling your teacher a cuss word when she embarrassed you in front of the entire class. That’s right y’all, cussing is actually a good thing. According to new research profanity actually can help more than hurt. I remember saying my first swear word (I was very little and have the Austin Powers Franchise to blame) and my brothers mouth dropped while these days he doesn’t even flinch when a vocabulary word of that nature slips from my mouth (that I’m blaming on working downtown Greenville). Cussing may not be a trait of a southern belle but it will help improve a couple aspects of life.

Ralphie in A Christmas Story


Ever try to get a point across in a conversation and the other person just can’t quite grasp it? The use of profanity can actually stop this, or at least limit this, from happening. According to Richard Stephen’s research swear words are registered in the left hemisphere of the brain where as normal language is processed in the right. This may be why when we cuss the brain reacts in a more intense way. When in conversation, using cuss words projects a message that the brain reacts to faster and quicker. When anyone around you swears the brain immediately responds with a strong reaction even if we don’t notice. Not only can swearing help with the conversationalists but also the athletes out there. Did you know swearing makes you stronger? A New Zealand experiment found that bikers who swore biked faster that those who did not. A different set of test subjects also lifted more weight than those who didn’t use cuss words while lifting in a short period of time. The left hemisphere is known to help with adrenaline and the fight or flight response. When the cuss words interact with the brain while preforming an activity it sends signals that trigger adrenaline. Not enough to give you an intense, rapid boost but enough to help you improve your workout for a small amount of time, or even help open that pickle jar. Lastly, profanity may help your senses in a big way. Research shows that when multiple test subjects preform the same tasks: eating a hot pepper, holding their hand on a hot burner, standing in ice cold water, they lasted longer when swearing. I don’t recommend doing any of those activities for fun but that fact may come in handy in your future.

To all the people out there who do not cuss for whatever reason, I commend you but I will see you at the finish line because thanks to the fact that I cuss I’m winning the damn race.


written by: mary

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