7 Things That Are Secretly Keeping You From Clear Skin

Esthetician school taught me a lot, especially about acne. I am also cursed with adult acne so I have learned about and experienced the pros and cons first hand. Don’t get me wrong, I still indulge in some of these things when I’m having a rough day and I can always count on a pimple showing up the next day on my chin when I do. I hate being the bearer of bad news, because some items on this list may surprise and upset you, so it’s with my greatest apologizes I share these 7 things that could possibly be attributing to your breakouts.

  1. Dairy Products

    There are a multitude of reasons I don’t drink cows milk but that is for a different blog. The reason I switched in the first place though is my acne. I read a random article one day that milk can cause acne and I was willing to try anything to get rid of mine, so I cut it from my diet. And guess what? My acne is hella better. When I crave ice-cream in bed during that time of the month and give in I always have a breakout when I wake up. Almond milk, soy milk, and coconut milk have a permanent place in my fridge, however I haven’t been able to give up real cheese yet.


2. Plastic

Water bottles, tupperware, disposable silverware, pretty much anything that is plastic and touches your food has a strong chance of containing BPA. This is a steroid analogue that can screw with your hormones. Not to mention it really screws with the environment, too.

3. Your Man’s Beard

One word: friction. When you lock lips with your man in a steamy breakout sesh you might not think much of it but his beard is actually causing your lower face to break out. The friction his beard hairs cause on your skin send signals to your glands to produce more oil. 2016 was the year of beards and it was fun but come on guys, you are making it really hard for us girls out here.

4. White Wine

The Journal of American Dermatology published evidence that white wine can actually cause rosacea and acne flare ups. So long to that sweet, sweet glass while you soak in the tub or when you are trying to be classy on a first date.



5. Detergent

If you have body acne then this one is for you. I have seen countless clients who come in with back acne and as soon as they change their laundry detergent it disappears. Different detergents have chemicals in them that the skin just can’t process and in turn cause the skin to break out. If you have sensitive skin on your face chances are you have sensitivity all over. Try a natural detergent with no color, like Honest or Seventh Generation, and see that backne clear up in no time.

6. Tanning Beds

I know exactly what you are going to say. “The tanning bed dries my acne up”. And yes, it does dry you SKIN up, but not the acne. By doing so though your skin feels too dry and then sends signals to produce more oil and, you guessed it, produces acne. Yet another reason to stop laying in these cancer beds.

7. Acne System Products

Not all acne products are created equally and neither is all skin. Some systems work wonders for people, but these people are usually teens. Systems are created to dry out your skin so much that no oil can penetrate the surface. The reason this works so well for teenagers is that their hormones are in overdrive producing oil so even with these systems they still get some oil production. As we get older our oil production slows and these systems dry up our skin way too much. Not only can the system cause acne from drying out the skin they also cause premature aging.



Not all of these things may cause your specific skin to breakout but chances are some of them are, without you even knowing it. Acne is a disease and has to be treated like one. We do whatever we can to stay well and keep away diseases so we should treat acne the same. Experimenting with your skin and finding out what works for you and your body is the best thing you can do. The best tip I can give you is to keep up with your skincare at home and whatever you do, never forget to take your makeup off before bed. If you have major acne issues or any questions come see me at Salt and we can fix you right up!


written by: mary


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