Because Every Girl Deserves The Perfect Manicure

Earlier this month I was waxing one of my sweetest clients who happens to take take part in Ramadan. After the appointment was over I was still fascinated with the entire process so I started to do my research.


First off, props to them for fasting ALL DAY. That’s right, they fast from sun up to sun down, which is when the last prayer takes place. And speaking of prayers, during the practice the entire body must touch water. And guess what creates a barrier… nail polish. Until now most polishes were not porous which meant no nail polish during prayer. Orly has created the first halal certified polish in celebration of the month of Ramadan. Teaming up with lifestyle site MuslimGirl the company’s Breathable Collection polishes are made with 100% halal ingredients and are permitted under Islamic Law, not to mention the adorable names like Haram-Bae and Ig-Noor The Haters. “Many of us are the girls who could never find our names on a keychain, so we wanted to make sure we provided that experience through the collection,” Al-Khatahtbeh of MuslimGirl said. This is a polish made for muslim girls by muslim girls which makes it even more special. But don’t shy away if you don’t participate in Ramadan. The breathable formulation is better for the nails. No more worrying if toxins are entering you body, and its perfect for moms who do not have time to worry about your babes sucking on that polish that contains chemicals and toxins. A huge shout out to Orly for taking a step in the right direction of beauty!

Orly-x-MuslimGirl-Halal-Certified-Nail-Polish .JPG

Shop the collection online at Orly


written by: mary

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