8 Benefits of Massage



The benefits of massage are more than the eye can behold. Stressed? Get a massage. Tough workout yesterday? Massage. Hard time sleeping? Massage. Parents in town and you promised yourself you wouldn’t have a panic attack when they ask you when you’re going to settle down for the 100th time? Massage. Check out the many other benefits of massage…

1. Relieves Headaches and Migrane Pain

There are piercings and botox to help these days, but can we all agree that those options are a tad extreme? I’d much rather lay on a soft bed and relax than get stabbed with needles.

2. Reduces Anxiety, Depression, and Stress

If the real world doesn’t stress you out then please contact me and let me in on your secret. To the rest of us, massage is a great way to unwind and destress when therapy, prescriptions, deep breaths, and yoga just aren’t handling it.

3. Alleviates Back Pain

You know you’ve hit the age when you can officially call yourself an adult when you moan every time you bend down and you complain that your back hurts from just sitting at a desk all day.

4. Improves Flexibility

If you are anything like me and the only stretching you did was when you were cheer captain in high school then this benefit is for you. I mean honestly, how many aspects of your life would improve if you could do the splits or put your legs behind your head? Okay, not many but it would be nice.

5. Increased Flow of Lymph and Increases Immune System

It’s like downing a big bottle of water you just dropped an Airborne tablet in except it doesn’t taste like powdered children’s medicine.

6. Lowers Blood Pressure

You’re lying to me if your doctor has never told you to lower your blood pressure. Or maybe it’s just high because your oldest child is moving away to college and you just can’t stop thinking of all the horrible things that could possibly happen.

7. Boost Energy

Coffee, Mountain Dew, Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy, I’ve tried it all. And news flash they all come with crashes, make you moody, and irritable. Or maybe that’s just me.

8. Releases Endorphins and Enhances Mood

If a massage can do this please schedule me one every day this week because according to my own mother I can be a real b$*#! sometimes (see above) and I need a boost in happiness.



If you have anymore questions, curious about other benefits, or want to schedule a massage come into Salt and ask for Erica. You will never want to get up off the table after she works her magic.


written by: mary


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