Frosted Tips Are Back And The Internet Is Not Having It


Excuse me, is that you Protozoa walking down my street? If you do not have Twitter let me enlighten you on the most recent internet sensation that is frosted tips: “I just saw a real estate agent with frosted tips. Listen we get it, you have a time machine, but don’t go throwing it in my face”, “Can frosted tips stay in 2001 thx”, and my personal favorite “A man with frosted tips had the balls to tell me to smile this morning on the street. FROSTED TIPS?! IN THIS DAY AND AGE?!”. Considering making an appointment for these sun-kissed locks?  First, let’s take a minute to flashback to some of the boys who have rocked this hairstyle…

Now if you are a member of a boy band, a TRL host, want to add to your full denim outfit, or just really confused in life right now I say go for it, get those frosty tips but if you are not any of the above please, please stay away from the cap. If you are trying to bring some 90’s back into the era of smartphones and avocados then stick to all over bleaching, or if you are born a blonde then opt for highlights to add dimension.


Boys aren’t the only ones throwing it back to 1998 though, Recently Kristen Stewart rocked a frosted tip look and the fashion world was on board. “We’re actually kinda, sorta into the actress’ new look. The grown-out buzzcut accented with bold, blonde tips, which she debuted during a recent outing in Los Angeles earlier this week, is surprisingly chic,” Allure reported.


So what does this mean for us? It means that dark roots are back in all their glory! As much as I hate frosted tips, I equally love dark roots and light longer hair. During your next hair appointment ask for a shadow or smudge root and you’ll fit right in with the stars like Miley Cyrus and Kristen. And for all you out there that like these frosted tip trend, well you do you and as Benjamin Barry in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days would say, frost yourself.



written by: mary

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