Easy Last Minute Costumes From Your Favorite Children’s Movie

Halloween is not so low key one of my favorite holidays. I still remember my first costume, the Tinkerbell to my brother’s Peter Pan. Okay, I don’t remember it exactly, I was two for God’s sake give me a break, but the pictures look cute AF. (Also if anyone can convince my brother to relive that costume with me this year I will pay you the big bucks.) Flash forward to my college days where I was Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s (the white shirt and eye mask not the basic b*%@h black dress), Tommy Pickles and yes a wore a diaper, a Ninja Turtle complete with nunchucks and a pizza box, and so many more award winning gems. It’s not that I’m judging you for not having a costume, wait no, I’m judging you for not having a costume. So I’ve compiled a list of costumes that are so easy even the laziest woman can put them together in less that a couple hours all based on your  my favorite children movies and shows. You can thank me later.


Alvin and the Chipmunks

3 girls fighting to be Alvin, 3 sets of space buns, and 3 sets of tube socks and you’ve got yourself a group costume.



Lucy from Charlie Brown 

Change that sign to say Psychiatric Help 1 drink and you don’t even have to BOYB.




Okay, maybe you don’t have a ton of orange in your closet because this is a weird color that really only looks good on like 3% of people but I’m sure you can find something.




If you don’t think D.W. is the best character on this show then you are mentally deranged but Arthur is definitely the cutest as a costume so he wins this round.



Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter

Everything can probably be found around your house: your boyfriend’s tie, a pleated, plaid, or school girl skirt, and a cardigan (or reuse that cape from last year’s costume). I would suggest purchasing a fresh and clean toilet seat though.



Miss Trunchbull form Matilda

The movie was based on a book. And the main character loves to read. And she has magical powers. How could you not love it? This is still one of my favorite movies ever.



written by: mary

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