The One Where Birth Control Is Not In Our Control

Did you know that 1 in 10 women in the United States have a uterus disease called endometriosis or that birth control can help ease the chronic pain? How about how dermatologists prescribe birth control for hormonal and cystic acne, sometimes before any other acne drug such as Accutane? Did you know women, around 28% of them, including Olympic athletes such as Fu Yuhanui take birth control to regulate the flow of their period? Birth control is used for so many different reasons, both medically and non-medical. Although the Trump administration is, again, trying to push back the rights women have to take and obtain birth control, let’s get one thing straight: birth control is and always will be a vital tool in women’s heath. Whether you take the pill, put in the ring, have a IDU, popped that bar in your arm, or don’t use any at all, it’s your choice and it should be today and in 20 years.

So how can you help? One way is to call the Capital Switchboard at (202)-224-3121. Another way to get your voice heard is to email your senator. If you aren’t great with words or don’t have a ton of time on your hands just click this link for a quick fill in the blank email. It couldn’t be easier! While you are there, sign the petition. And for those who want to donate, think of adding Planned Parenthood (they help 2.5 million patients a year with affordable birth control), The United State of Women, or American Civil Liberties Union to your list. And let’s not forget the best way to take action: GO VOTE!

Get involved, do your part, then get it on… safely.



written by: mary

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