Treat Yo Self This Valentines Day

There’s a week until Valentines so wether you are single aka independent and don’t need no man, have a significant other and just looking for a little added self care this v-day, or have a new fling and not at the place to buy each other cheesy gifts so you have extra cash to spend on yourself, you should treat yo self! Here’s a list of 5 gifts to give yourself this Valentines Day that even cupid, the Queen, and Chrissy Teigen would want for themselves…

Number One: A Succulent… or 5


Succulents are the EASIEST plant to take care of: if you forget to water them for a week they’ll still be kicking, if you accidentally kill them they will come back to life with a little sunshine and water, and they can live inside or out. Succulents and cacti are not only easy but they are helpful. Live plants help cleanse the air of carbon dioxide and produce extra oxygen, not to mention how pretty they are to look at! Plants are like the baby you get to watch grow but not have to spend money on it’s college tuition.

Number Two: A Set Of Bomb Pajamas


There is a meme going around that says, “I have more items of clothing to sleep in than I do to go out and that says a lot about me as a person.” and that could not resinate more to me. I love a good night in, cuddled under a blanket, binging Netflix. But ya know what I love more, comfy pajamas. My perfect set is cotton based, shorts and a long sleeve top so I can be under my 12 blankets without sweating but have my arms out and not get cold from the fan, and durable enough to last through hours of Vanderpump Rules episodes. This one is my absolute fav (I have it in three colors) and totally worth it.

Number Three: Body Wash That Works Overtime


Ever get out of the shower and feel great but then 20 mins later feel dry, itchy, and ill? Well I would bet almost all the money in my wallet, which granted is not a lot, that it is your body wash doing this to you. Most popular brand’s washes have tons of surfactants which is what makes those bubbles but also what dries out your skin. They almost always also include tons of fragrance which your skin is not very equipped to soak up. Try switching to a oil based wash, like the Davines Oi Body Wash that we carry at Salt. I know what you are thinking, but don’t let the word oil turn you off. Oil is the best cleanser for cleansing oil based molecules off your face and body hence why people use oil to take off makeup, and with a loofa or a washcloth there is zero after feeling of oil. What is left is smooth skin and a fresh scent.

Number Four: An Investment Blow Dryer


I get it, $400 is A LOT for a blow dryer. There is so many things I could buy with that money: multiple pairs of new jeans, a set of patio furniture, half a semester worth of my college textbooks. But when I said this is an investment I wasn’t lying. The Dyson Blow Dryer dries your hair incredibly fast, promotes smoothness, controls heat to prevent damage, and is lightweight so you don’t feel like you’re lifting bricks every time you dry your hair. With over 4 stars on Sephora (which hardly ever happens) this is the blowdryer of your dreams. Don’t believe me, just ask the multiple stylist that use this at Salt Beauty and Wellness or come in and try it for yourself.

Number Five: Subscription to Headspace


You may think meditation is not for you but Headspace makes it so easy and so personal. Anyone can download this and get something out of it, from beginner to meditation expert. Not only that, you can grow with this app. I started last semester when my anxiety and nerves around working full time while attending class full time was too much. Whether I need to zone in and focus, be thankful for a good day, need help with the panic attack I feel coming, or having trouble balancing all of it the Headspace app has a meditation for it. After months of meditating I can really tell a difference in my anxiety and my attitude towards stressful situations. Unlike your other subscription services, Headspace gives you something to work towards and helps workout your mind, not just give you movies to watch or makeup to wear.


written by: mary

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