Skincare Tips For Your 20s

I don’t know if ya’ll have noticed, but Demi Lovato is a babe. And ya know why? Because she has amazing skin. It’s a thing of pure beauty. God has truly blessed her with a killer complexion, baby soft texture, and just the right amount of hydration like Tinkerbell herself sprinkles moisturizer on her every morning. She’s also 20-something which is probably the main reason it looks this good. But just like Demi, all of us in our 20’s have great skin potential and the main idea in skincare now is to prevent damage.


First things first, wear sunscreen. Morning, afternoon, night, I don’t care where you’re going, even just your couch, wear the sunscreen! I know it’s not very exciting and the texture can kind of suck until you find your favorite one but I promise it’s the most important. Sun damage is the main culprit in visible signs of aging. It was recently recovered that 90% of our premature aging comes from the sun! And guess where most of that sun is coming from… windows. Windows in your office, your bedroom, your car, they will all give you those dreaded sunspots, wrinkles, and dryness. So if I haven’t said it enough, wear sunscreen!


Secondly, add an exfoliator to your skincare routine. All those dead skin particles can buildup on top of your skin and block our serum and products from getting to our fresh, new skin. It also causes that sandpaper texture some ladies seem to have. Exfoliating just once a week is an easy way to slough off those old cells and make room for brand new ones which is the best way to get rid of any small spots before they sink to the dermis and stay awhile.


A lot of young women ask me if they need a serum and the answer is yes. Serums are the most potent part of your skincare routine so they normally pack the most punch. Even if you have a night serum, use a vitamin C serum in the morning. Vitamin C does two things, 1. helps fight free radicals from sun and pollution because of it’s high count of antioxidants and 2. brightens your skin and helps it to stay evenly toned. Most people are a fan of 20-somethings’ skin because of the even tone so to keep that throughout your later years, start early with a vitamin C serum. Remember, it’s all about prevention.


Lastly, book a Botox appointment when your wrinkles start to form, which varies from person to person but is mainly in the mid to late 20s. Botox freezes the muscles so they do not get deeper. Old wrinkles actually change into scar tissue and are hard to treat with injections and lasers, but Botox prevents this from happening. Ask for “baby botox” which means there is not many injections and only a couple times a year just to pause the wrinkles in the formation. Botox is not for everyone and does need to be done by a professional so make sure you do your research.



Just like Demi, we have the potential to look great and stay that way. Follow these tips and come see me at Salt for any skincare questions you have!


written by: mary

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