Long Hair Don’t Care

Women always think short hair is super cute until they are the ones with the bob or pixie cut. Two summers ago I chopped all my hair off and then immediately regretted it. I spent not days, not weeks, but months and months growing it back out to the long locks that I have always loved. I’ve picked up a couple hints but Refinery 29 has a better list than I can put together, so here is there top 6 tips for growing out your hair the healthy way…



1. Protect Before Bed

     A silk or satin pillowcase may seem frivolous to anyone who hasn’t used one, but it’s well worth the hype, even if you have to shop around to find one you can afford. Why? A pillowcase with some slip allows you to extend your hairstyle overnight, so you can limit heat styling come morning. And because there’s no harsh friction with your hair tugging and pulling against cotton, you’ll also wake up with fewer knots that need to be worked out.

What you lay on is vital, but it’s also important how you style hair for bed. It’s best to wear hair in a loose braid, bun, or ponytail secured with a soft scrunchie. They wont tug or snag your hair and they’re cheap, so you can grab a $5 pack next time you’re at Target.


2. Avoid The Elements

     The same way you slather sunscreen on your face to ward against sunburn and premature aging, it’s important to protect your hair before taking a dip in a pool, lake, or ocean. Your first line of defense is, believe it or not, filtered water. Your hair can only soak up so much liquid — like a sponge — so if you wet your hair with clean, filtered water before swimming, the less it will soak up drying ingredients like salt or chlorine. We also recommend coating hair with leave-in conditioner with a UV shield to create a physical barrier between your hair and the chemical-y water, so make sure you pop one in your beach bag with your SPF.

3. Find A Stylist That Appreciates Your Hair Goals

written by: mary

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