Find Us On The Overwhelmed Bride

Mary Myers and Ryann Owens are not just Gilmore Girl fangirls, coffee addicts, and Salt Bridal Team members but also published on the successful wedding blog, The Overwhelmed Bride! As artists our goal is to make our clients feel beautiful but when we get to share that beauty with others and get recognized for our work the job is ever more fulfilling. We are overjoyed for Mary, Ryann, Salt, and everyone else who had a part in making this happen.



Caroline was an amazing bride to work with and her bridesmaids, mother, and everyone else involved were one of the sweetest, most fun groups Mary and Ryann have ever worked with. Mary is grateful enough to know Caroline but when she booked her she had no idea how lucky she would be to be a part of this special day. From arriving at the house and being greeted by Mari-Kate’s adorable little boy to watching Caroline’s first look with her military soon to be husband on Meredith College’s grounds the day was perfect. Mary, the makeup artist, and Ryann, the hairstylist, still get questions on this particular wedding and every time it brings a smile to their faces. With classic hair, nude lips, and some of the best dresses these girls will forever be prevalent when they speak out their favorite weddings.

Check out the blog post HERE!




written by: mary

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