Beauty Community Helps Those Who Have Suffered By California Wildfires

The deadliest wildfires in California state history are still burning and the death count is up to 29. Houses have been destroyed and lives have been affected more than anyone could have imagined. The Wildlife Relief Fund is set up to “support intermediate and long-term recovery efforts for major California wildfires, as well as preparedness efforts” according to their website. This non-profit foundation helps people who have lost houses or been evacuated, suffered mental or emotional health, in need of financial assistant, or lost employment.

Beautyblender (1)

If you aren’t living under a rock you have heard of the Beauty Blender. With its office located in Southern California the company feels a close connection to the wildfires. Today the company is matching all sales made on and donating to help those effected. The “California Love” initiative will only be active on the classic blender (in any color) starting today. It is not clear how long the initiative will run so become a part of it while you can. Beauty Blender is on almost all females Christmas lists so knock off an item while giving back. It is a win, win.


You can always make a donation to the fund. Visit their website at


written by: mary

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